Cancellation & Refunds Policy
Effective Date: 1-August-2023 Thank you for choosing BetterWay for your healthcare needs. We strive to provide the best possible care and services to our patients. Please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy carefully to understand our procedures.
Doctor's Consultation:
Doctor consultation fees are non-refundable unless otherwise decided by the clinic management.
Doctor appointments can be cancelled up to 2 hours before the scheduled time. Cancellations made within this timeframe will be eligible for a partial refund.
Ayurvedic Treatments:
Treatments scheduled for more than 2 sessions cannot be cancelled after the second session without settling the bill for the first two sessions.
Cancellations made before the second session will be eligible for a partial refund.
Medicines purchased from BetterWay cannot be returned or refunded. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure the accuracy of the prescription and the appropriateness of the medications before making a purchase.
In case the medicines are purchased online, and you were
Refunds for full advance payments or partial payments will be processed within 7-10 business days after the cancellation request is approved.
Refund Method: All approved refunds will be processed in the original form of payment. For example, if the payment was made online, the refund will be issued back to the source account used for the transaction. Cash refunds will not be provided.
This statement ensures clarity regarding the method of refund and emphasises that the reimbursement will be made using the same payment method used for the original transaction. It also specifies that cash refunds will not be offered, reinforcing consistency in the refund process.
In cases of medical emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, the clinic management reserves the right to make exceptions to the cancellation and refund policy. Patients are encouraged to communicate with the clinic staff promptly to discuss any exceptional situations.
Patients are allowed to reschedule appointments up to 2 hours before the scheduled time without any additional charges. Rescheduling made within this timeframe is subject to availability.
If a patient fails to show up for a scheduled appointment without prior notice, the clinic reserves the right to charge the full consultation or treatment fee.
For online transactions, the return time for any eligible refunds will be subject to the policy of your bank and our financial gateway provider. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your financial institution for more information on their refund processing times. This addition to the policy emphasises that medicines, once purchased, cannot be returned or refunded. Additionally, it clarifies that the return time for online transactions is beyond the clinic's control and is subject to the policies of the patient's bank and the financial gateway provider used for the transaction.
The success of a treatment is contingent upon the proper adherence to session duration, dietary guidelines, and prescribed meals and medications. BetterWay does not guarantee the success of any treatment. After the completion of the full treatment course, if the patient does not experience the desired success, BetterWay will not be liable to refund the payment made, either fully or partially. The patient acknowledges and accepts that individual responses to treatments may vary. This disclaimer clarifies that the clinic does not provide a guarantee of success for treatments and highlights that the patient's commitment to following prescribed guidelines is crucial. Furthermore, it makes it clear that the lack of success after the completion of the full treatment does not entitle the patient to a refund, emphasising the inherent variability in individual responses to treatments.
The patient acknowledges that any payment-related information shared for personalized treatment is strictly confidential. The patient agrees not to use any payment information shared for their treatment to hold BetterWay responsible for unauthorized charges or liabilities incurred by others. Neither the patient nor any clinic employee is authorized to make any payment or discount-related promises to any third party on behalf of BetterWay. This section emphasizes the confidentiality of payment information and establishes the patient's responsibility to safeguard such information. It also prohibits the patient and clinic employees from making payment or discount-related promises to third parties on behalf of the clinic, ensuring the integrity of financial transactions and preventing unauthorized use of payment information.
BetterWay strongly advises patients to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of calls or emails claiming to be from the clinic before making any payments. In the event that someone falsely claims to represent BetterWay, and a patient pays money without proper verification, BetterWay will not be liable for any financial losses incurred. Patients are urged to confirm the legitimacy of such communication through official channels before taking any action. This disclaimer underscores the importance of verifying the authenticity of communications purportedly from the clinic, especially when involving financial transactions. It makes it clear that the clinic is not responsible for losses incurred due to fraudulent claims if proper verification measures are not taken by the patient.
BetterWay reserves the right to modify or amend this Cancellation and Refund Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or through other means of communication.
By scheduling an appointment and making a payment with BetterWay, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this Cancellation and Refund Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us on for assistance. Thank you for choosing BetterWay. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
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